Living a purposeful, fulfilling, passionate life takes guts. -Marshall Miller

"Guts is a learnable skill."

Marshall Miller believes the calculation, acceptance, and management of risk fuel a life fully lived. Push your own unique envelope in a mindful way--because that’s the only way greatness has ever been achieved.

Let’s talk about building a fearless vision.

Marshall Miller Keynotes & Workshops

What You Can Expect from Marshall Miller:

If you're here, you're "thinking different." You're looking for leadership development from a new and effective direction. You're looking to inspire your audience with a truly extraordinary--yet surprisingly relatable and applicable--message.

Marshall will take your group on an adventure, demonstrating the relationship between athletes on the knife edge of "extreme" and the business owners, students, employees and community members who calculate their own nail-biting risks every day. There are cliffs everywhere in life; we all stand on their edges, yearning to fly.

When the curtain goes down, your audience will have a whole new toolkit for:

    -Managing Fear and knowing the difference between its rational and irrational iterations.
    -Intelligently Calculating Risk from a position of empowerment.
    -Reframing Success From Every Angle and seeing their own, right-this-moment ability to achieve the impossible.

Each presentation will be customized by Marshall Miller to meet your group's goals, objectives and directions. Let's start the conversation.


The Only Way Up Is Optimism

Smiling is a non-negotiable factor. Improvement is only sustainable when you’re living a passionate, actualized, gratitude-filled life.

Talk with Marshall Miller about the best, most reliable tools to magnetize a positive outlook.


About Marshall Miller


After Marshall Miller graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Finance, he spent a decade in the field of real estate sales and development. During that time, he picked up a long list of unusual weekend-warrior hobbies: skydiving, wingsuiting, paragliding, speed flying and BASE jumping--including ski BASE jumping.

“I found a lot of financial success in those 10 years,” he says, “And I’m really happy I did it. The thing is: I made a lot of money, but I didn’t make a lot of memories in that work. My happiest times were in the sky, in the mountains and with my family.”

Then, in 2008, the bottom dropped out of the financial market. It put Marshall in a very vulnerable position. He was uninspired by the work. He was shouldering an unsustainable balance of assets and liabilities. All while he and his wife were raising a young family.

In that vulnerability and surrender, he found immense freedom.

“There was a very distinct turning point,” Marshall Miller explains. “I realized it was time to fully push the reset button, design a new life for us and chase something I liked.”

In that moment, Marshall walked away from the corporate world and dedicated himself fully to his athletic pursuits. It was a watershed moment. There was no going back.

“It was so scary,” he continues, “But I am so thankful that I did it. Who knows? I could have crashed and burned. It could have been a different path for sure. The typical response I got from the people around me was to shake their heads and say good luck, I hope you can make it a year.”

Ten years on, Marshall Miller has made his living traveling the world with the GoPro Bomb Squad, the company’s exclusive flight team, which he co-founded--demonstrating the approach to calculated risk that has worked so well in his own life. He’s flown into NFL games, NASCAR races, featured in Hollywood films and commercials (including a Super Bowl 50 spot for Pepsi) and created jaw-dropping YouTube videos with millions of views. Along the way, Marshall has performed and competed on the world stage in the wingsuiting discipline, taking part in landmark events such as the World Wingsuit League in China, the Red Bull Aces and more.

Like his rock-climber father, he dedicates himself to pushing the boundaries of mountain sports (as well as his own) and bringing the talent out in the athletes around him, both aspiring and established.

Today, Marshall Miller’s focus lies squarely on helping other people use the tools he has learned: intelligently calculating risk, cultivating positivity, creating unorthodox opportunities and optimizing performance in all areas of life.

“You don’t have to go out and do a life-or-death sport for these principles to make magic,” Marshall smiles. “If I can give people the tools they need to go after their greatness, that will make a better world for all of us.”

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Marshall Miller Friends & References

Mark Stevens

Balance emotion with logic. Calculating risk is something our society doesn't really talk about or understand. Marshall explains that knowing how to take the right risks could be the difference in living an ordinary life and living an extraordinary life. He spoke about the importance to assess the actual level of risk by examining the pro and cons. Mentally strong people don’t fear taking calculated risks. You don’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe. Success won’t fall in your lap, you have to pursue it.

Barry Barr

Founder CEO KAVU
Marshall Miller, a friend to everyone, an eternal optimist, a caring father, a loving husband, a talented athlete, a creative mind, a businessman, a social influencer, a healthy mind and healthy body. Marshall Miller’s experiences growing up living life to the fullest with his family exudes who he is today. Marshall only knows one way to live life and that is to “eat dessert first”. Marshall’s experience, generosity and never ending positivity inspires me and all the people he encounters.

Skydive Carolina

Skydiving isn't just about the exhilarating feeling of a 60-second freefall. People who jump out of perfectly good airplanes are also attracted to the idea of taking calculated risks that push them beyond boundaries of their comfort zone. Skydiving makes us feel alive and that's a memorable feeling that can be applied back to our everyday lives, reminding us that we shouldn't stay in a rut just because it's comfortable. Pushing past our fears makes us grow into better versions of ourselves.

Gregg DiLeo

Marshall makes us look good - Year after year the future gets brighter with Marshall both in terms of performance and optimism. He is a true leader in his industry and helps others around him to be their best selves. He contributes greatly and is always willing and able to say YES. Marshalls smile is contagious and his passion for spreading the stoke is priceless.

Andy Thunnel

Huntsman School of Business
Marshall spoke at our campus and left an audience of 400+ students in awe. His story and message was not only motivating, it was personal and struck a chord on an individual level. He’s the perfect example of somebody who found success pursuing his passions and his message has inspired our students to take action and to dream big. Andy Thunell (Program Coordinator) – Jon M Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University

James Sterling

Level UP Inc.
Marshall did a brilliant job with our group of young entrepreneurs; speaking about the relationship between extremes athletes and business owners - Stamina, Focus (on the present), Flexibility and commitment all play pivotal roles in success. The world needs more leaders, movers and shakers and talent to bring the changes that we seek in success. Cheers Marshall and thanks for everything!
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Marshall is available for speaking opportunities (as well as in the capacity of Coordinator, Content Creator, Stuntman and Producer).

Book Marshall Miller

Marshall is available for speaking opportunities (as well as in the capacity of Coordinator, Content Creator, Stuntman and Producer).

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